Writing a Haiku


I love poetry, but the thought of writing it intimidates me.

So I was a little surprised by my desire to write a poem today. I immediately decided to write something simple: a haiku. It’s the shortest form of poetry that I can think of.

Writing this Japanese poetry involves several guidelines (which are sometimes followed, sometimes not). For my haiku, I decided to use the guidelines of 17 syllables (5-7-5), two juxtaposed ideas, a seasonal reference, and an awareness of the senses.

This haiku captures my experience of sitting in a coffee shop, writing a poem.


Rainy summer day:

the smell of coffee inspires

as cold becomes warm.


4 thoughts on “Writing a Haiku

  1. I am a poet and a motivationalist. Writing a poem is from inspiration. Just put yourself in the natural way and you can get it done. I love your start and your determination. I promise that one day you will reach your highest dream.

  2. I like the fact you’ve said which haiku guidelines you’ve followed, as you say there are many. I also like the fact you’ve included the sense of smell, which is too often overlooked in haiku

    And Claudette, you’ve written a tanka! A japanese form that is, well, exactly like what you wrote (except generally with an element about nature)

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