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I want to understand your point of view.

Thanks for visiting my website! I’m a writer who sets out on anthropological adventures in order to understand other people, God, myself, and how to make a difference. You can follow my journey on my blog. I hope that this site will provide a fun and inviting place for you to stop and gather your thoughts as you travel to your own destinations. You’re always welcome to take off your shoes—and to bring that cup of coffee or energizing playlist along! There are several themes that I particularly enjoy writing about: love, compassion, cultural experiences, travel, helping others, beauty, religion, the human experience, and the meaning of life. If a particular blog post resonates with you, please leave a comment about it. I truly value your opinions. My dream is to provide a community where we can discuss important topics, such as how to make the world a happier, healthier, more loving place.


















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