Watch Us Setting Off the Burglar Alarm in a Coffee Shop

My husband and I accidentally set off a burglar alarm in a coffee shop. It made date night pretty interesting! You can read the full story on my blog.


Wildflowers: Appreciating Beauty by the Road

“I noticed a magnificent spread of colorful wildflowers, planted along the side of the road. The vibrant yellow and purple blooms stretched for miles, continuously filling my outlook with color. They assured me that spring had come and that the winter in my life was about to disappear.”

You can read about this meaningful experience on my blog.


Antigua: Exploring a Beautiful Colonial City in Latin America

My favorite city in Guatemala is a charming colonial town known as Antigua. People go there to see its cobblestoned streets, brightly-painted houses, elaborate churches and ruins, colorful festivities leading up to Easter, and beautiful parks, such as Parque Central (which you can see in the video above).

You can read about my favorite cultural experiences in Antigua on my blog.


Semuc Champey: One of the Most Beautiful Places I’ve Visited

One of my favorite spots in the world is a natural wonder called Semuc Champey. This limestone land bridge, which extends about 1,000 feet over a gushing river, is found near Lanquin, Guatemala. Formed into that limestone, there are gentle waterfalls, small caves, and turquoise pools where people can enjoy a leisurely swim, surrounded by tropical paradise.

You can read about my experiences at Semuc Champey on my blog.