How These Photos Made Me Feel


These photos are spectacular. They capture moments that I will probably never witness in real life. Some of them made me feel incredibly nervous: I imagined that I was in the middle of a fight or right next to an active volcano. Other photos made me feel motivated to do something adventurous: to jump out of a plane or fly to the edge of earth’s atmosphere. Truthfully, if someone offered me a trip to space, I don’t think I could say no. (When I was a child, I had trouble deciding whether I wanted to be an astronaut or the President of the United States.)

I’d love to know your reactions to these “32 Heart-Stopping Moments You Can Only Experience Thanks To A Camera.”

2 thoughts on “How These Photos Made Me Feel

  1. I can personally call it a rare glimpse,reason being most of the news we watch on TV or from other
    reliable sources is edited.Another reason is that disasters sound no warning and most of the scenes are
    captured after the event has taken place.Looking at the images,i would first like to appreciate the beauty of
    creation: The Oceans,volcanic mountains and the snow-capped mountains.Such features are of benefit to economy
    of any nation since they attract tourists to activities like skiing,swimming and mountaineering.The above mentioned features have
    also been known to cause mayhem to humanity.Volcanic eruptions
    have caused deaths on several occasions,others have resulted to permanent displacement of other features
    like rivers.Ice and Snow have been reported to have paralyzed transport and other economic activities.Abnormal
    winds originating from the sea have swept beaches in Tsunami-prone countries.Basing my argument on Rob Parsons’
    book THE MONEY SECRET,”Everything that has power for good has equal power for evil.” This is according to Dee Hock,
    the developer of the modern credit card.

    Those images covering space exploration remind me of a common question teachers and parents like to ask children often.
    “What would you like to be when you grow up?”. The question might not be as simple as it sounds if wisely probed.
    Due to innocence and lack of exposure, children tend to single out the best careers in the world,some of them being engineering,medicine,law and aviation.
    Education system is designed for enlightenment but it rarely gives a “Clear picture”
    of the life ahead.Some find themselves victims of wrong career turning due to limited
    mentorship and pressure from their guardians.Making
    a wrong career choice is likely to affect the future of any individual and may result to decreased morale,
    aggressiveness and increased absenteeism or exit from a place of work.

    Career growth is governed by the following key elements according to experts:
    (d)Willingness to explore new things
    (e)Admitting mistakes
    (f)Consulting when necessary

    To have any successful career choice the following factors are vital:
    (a)Time and cost involved
    (b)One’s personality and its compatibility with the career at hand
    (c)Risk involved if any
    (d)Market value
    (f)Career development plans-To avoid job redundancy.

    Wise career choice results to job fit and motivation.

    It is vital to give credit where it is due,especially to those who
    have found their dream careers.Most of them work tirelessly
    for accomplishment guided by a powerful tool called “self-drive”.
    Others risk their lives for the sake
    of others more so those in security sector.
    There are those whose efforts are less or not recognized.
    Ever thought of the processes and tests a product undergoes
    before it is released for usage? Lets appreciate the mighty
    works of men “behind scenes”

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