Looking Forward to the Movie ‘Noah’


I’m really excited to see the upcoming movie Noah. It’s directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Russell Crowe, so I’m pretty sure that it will be all of the following: beautiful, bizarre, and brilliant.

I may not love the movie, but I already know that I’ll be intrigued by it. I just read an interview that Christianity Today did with Aranofsky and his co-writer/co-producer, Ari Handel. The filmmakers describe their attempts to define concepts such as righteousness, justice, and mercy.

Both men talked about how they drew their inspiration from scripture, theology, and a variety of Jewish literature. Aronofsky was raised culturally Jewish, and he sought to understand who Noah from both a religious and psychological standpoint. The article explains, “Aronofsky sees his interpretation of the Genesis story as part of the midrash tradition, in which Jewish teachers create stories meant to explain the deeper truths of the Tanakh.” Handel mentions that they tried to explore “not the good guys and the bad guys, but both the good and the bad within us.”

I love Jewish commentary on scripture, because I find it to be beautifully symbolic and multilayered. It helps me to feel like I’m waking up to a story for the first time. I hope that this artistic representation of Noah will give me a fresh perspective on the Bible story that I’ve read about since childhood.


4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to the Movie ‘Noah’

  1. One benefit of the audiovisual sources of information
    is that they have a lasting impact on the viewer.I remember
    the cast.”Noah” spent time making shelter for himself and for
    those belonging to his household including the animals.
    It is clear many perished during the downpour due to ignorance
    and disobedience.I guess the movie was meant to warn against
    ignoring red flags.

  2. I think that paying attention to red flags is important, and I can see how you took away that lesson from the movie.

  3. Discounting The Fountain ( haven’t seen it), my favorite film of his is Pie aloghuth I did not love. However, I do respect him as an artist, since he usually tackles original material.

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