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We’re now in the midst of the “back to school” season, which means that stores and parking lots are more crowded, parents are busy adjusting to their kids’ new routines, college students are reappearing in town, and teachers are getting to know the personalities of the students they’ll be teaching.

I remember when going “back to school” was something I looked forward to. There were interesting classes that I couldn’t wait to take. I enjoyed the feeling of “a fresh start.”

I’m no longer the wide-eyed college student who loved school. But I haven’t lost my love for learning. I still seek out new information, and I try to understand new perspectives on life. I read. I observe. I talk to people for a living. I may not be in college, but I work with college students, and I try to learn about the world through their eyes.

Is there something in particular that I hope to learn this year? I think that one of my ongoing quests is to discover how I can make a unique difference in the world. And if I can, I want to discover how to help others to make their unique impact. Unfortunately, there’s no quick or easy study guide for that. What I’ve learned, though, is that “making a difference” can look different from day to day. I don’t have to be famous or influential to make a difference, and the difference that I make can be small. Some days, it could mean simply listening to someone. Other days it could mean writing out words of encouragement. At times, it will require me to cheerfully do boring-but-necessary tasks. At other times, it may involve a creative or artistic process.

How is this “back to school” season affecting you? Is there anything you’re hoping to learn during this season of life?

5 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. What a blog post!,it reminds me of my time in high school.
    I still remember opening days.
    I cannot forget spending hours queuing at the supermarket filled with several students from various schools.
    While some were complaining of long and slow-moving queues,it was a fun since such opportunities were rare.Despite the long queues and the beeps at the point of sale terminals,i still have memories of how “hawk-eyed” some of us were and being at boys school,you can imagine the kind of conversations we used to have in the evening based on “what you saw”.
    Later that came to an end,no queues,no shopping and story-telling moments with my peers.
    The reality started to unwind but fortunately,i achieved my best.

    I guess formal education is meant to prepare one for the actual learning.
    This September i feel spared since am on my long holiday after a successful end of the semester.
    As majority “go back to school”,all i wish is that teachers and other academic specialists introduced a mechanism in the education system that helps students discover who they are,that is their capabilities and limitations.
    The system could easily prepare students for a successful transition after school.
    The platform could present the threats and challenges they are likely to face.
    The mechanism could prepare the students become absorbed by the industry as they are.
    This could easily eliminate chances of frustration and wrong career paths.
    It could easily enable students and those within the education sector understand the true meaning of the quote above.

  2. It sounds like you really enjoyed your time in school and made the most of it. Those are wonderful ideas about the education system. I agree that it would be very beneficial if educators could implement those things. There are so many students who feel ill-prepared for the future as they graduate. Have you considered trying to make a difference within the education system?

  3. Based on my little experience,i have realized that many have landed where they are because of the influence from their guardians,being choosy,financial factors and little career research and guidance.
    As i talk to some of my friends,i realize that apart from their current choices,they have a strong “passion” for something.

    To be sincere,what have done is to encourage them pursue that passion alongside their daily activities.
    Have advised them to find avenues that can easily spot their abilities by networking with the genuine experts in areas of their choice.
    Such professionals can easily nature and upgrade their capabilities.

    It is sometimes a frustrating moment,but i think it is meant to make one understand that things do not always take a smooth lane.
    That moment may enable one revise his/her decisions.
    The victims therefore understand what it takes to make a certain achievement.

    I may not be in a position to change the whole education system,but my wish is that i was capable of identifying and naturing a certain talent to maturity level.
    For those who feel that they have been messed up in their careers,remember that Thomas Edison failed 1000 times,but he realized 1000 steps that could lead to the discovery of a bulb.
    What do you think?

  4. Those are some great thoughts on careers and how people can achieve their dreams. I’m glad that you’ve had the opportunities to inspire and help your friends. Keep up the good work!

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